2 Steps 2 Change


What’s up guys! It’s Chris again, here to give you a couple tips on making a change. These first two steps can help you change your diet, live a healthier life, become more fit, or any other ideal you’d like to make progress towards.

Change can take some time but as long as you stay committed to your goal it can happen for anyone. A lot of people ask me how I managed to become a vegetarian and then eventually make my way towards veganism. Well first off it starts with being open and adjusting your perspective. Before any action takes place you need to understand what it is you’re doing and why your doing it.
So what’s the first step? First of all, research research research. Now when I say research that doesn’t only include going to Google and typing in how to be vegan or how to eat better, etc. Although, doing your Google searches may be a good option, sometimes there’s another very important source that you’re probably forgetting about.


Family, friends, your trainer, a mentor. Please please please…do not pass up the opportunity to connect with someone because there is nothing better than raw, unadulterated experience. For example, chances are you may know someone who has gone vegan, or even just tried to and hearing their personal story is valuable beyond measure. (You’ll be able to hear about my story in a future post…) They will be able to tell you first hand the challenges that go with it, how difficult it can be, what can make the process easier, and tons more! And don’t give up after hearing one bad review there is no benefit in taking shortcuts when it comes to your health because as you know, it will be important throughout your life. Find as much information, stories, and experiences until you feel confident enough to move on.

Making a change can be beneficial for anyone it’s just up to you to find the adequate motivation and support that will make your mission a success. Without that, it would be difficult to envision how the benefits can transform your life.

With that being said, the next important step is to ask yourself whether or not making this change is right for you. This steps means more than just saying this change is right for me. It involves doing what it takes to PROVE to yourself that this is the best course of action. This is arguably the hardest part of the process because it involves a heated tug of war with the comfort level you’ve built over time, and let me just tell you that your comfort level can prove to be quite the opponent. Especially, if its been a while since your last rumble. A support system is extremely beneficial to get through this step. I was incredibly privileged to have my girlfriend Kristen willing to embark on this journey with me. She was definitely a huge asset to help smooth this process for me and make it an awesome experience. For you, this can be anyone you think of that is always supportive or anyone that you know who has made a change and is willing to help.

That’s all!

Remember, the first two steps to change are to gather information from multiple sources without neglecting personal stories and experiences, and deciding it’s the right change for you by getting out of your comfort zone and establishing a support system. I hope I was able to get you thinking about making a change because our lovely community loves to attract new members! Good luck!

Till next time!

Chris 😊

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