There is a deep desire inside each and every one of us that encourages us to go after what we want, whenever we want, and to never give up. It is an undying will.

RisFit helps individuals build the focus needed to achieve their goals. Every day, we strive to maximize our ability & affect positive change.

Improving our Health & Fitness are pivotal to achieving greatness. Don’t you want to be great? 

The only time is now…

“Maximize Your Ability to Affect Positive Change”

Do It Because You Matter!


Meet The Team


Dedicated to fitness all of his adult life, Chris believes that fitness & health are not an option they’re a lifestyle. There are either those who thrive from it or those who are encumbered from the lack of it. As a result, his mission is to help the importance of fitness & health be recognized on a global scale. He helps carry out his mission by guiding individuals on a path to make living a healthy lifestyle a routine rather than a nuisance. Proper instruction of various movements, nutritional education, and adjusting patterns of behavior are just some of the things he specializes in.


Void of any huge fitness background, Kristen found herself in a tight spot. She didn’t know the first thing about living healthy apart from the fads and diet trends she was exposed to on the TV and internet. She met Chris who was into fitness at the time, but was incredibly discouraged by his own nutritional choices. Together, they decided to learn more about healthier foods they could enjoy. She knew she had to supply her body with adequate nutrition for her growing appreciation towards fitness, but just didn’t connect with what was out there at the time. Suddenly, the love for her puppy Lola sparked a solution she had never even considered. As she researched more and more she knew she needed something that would not only make her body feel better, but also help her feel good on a more conscious level. A lifestyle eating high amounts of meat just to get the protein that is recommended to build muscle just wouldn’t cut it. Luckily, she discovered that a Vegan/Plant-Based lifestyle would be the perfect addition to a fruitful pursuit in fitness, and quickly a match was made. Since then, Kristen has maintained a plant-based diet for many years and consistently engages in physical activity on a routine basis. Now she succeeds in educating people on all the values she has learnt throughout her process, including how to get the look you want, and the nutrition you need on a plant-based diet.