Three Reasons You Should Get Back To Basics In The Gym

A lot of people have trouble keeping up an active lifestyle. Those who make an effort to become more fit can sometimes go through rough patches. One of the hardest things for people who are already physically active, is maintaining a level of activity that is satisfiable to their needs from a health standpoint. More often than not, people get into the weight room chasing something temporary that they often can’t reach in a timeframe that’s acceptable for them. This leads them to apply undue pressure to themselves. What we need to remember is that if we set out to make our lives better by becoming more physically fit and improving our health, we have to be connected with the process.

“You’re moving too fast, your moving to quick, you’re heavy on the gas, you’re moving too swift. Can’t keep up the pace, might not finish the race, but do it now before it’s too late to switch.” 

This is a wise message from a song that applies well to what I am about to discuss in this article. First I want you to think about something. If you don’t stop to look around every once in a while, how much would you miss? Most of us get so caught up with results that we forget that the true nature of becoming physically fit is taking care of our health and getting in control of our bodies.

Slow down, I’m here to help. I have put together three reasons for you to get back to the basics and get one step closer to the best version of you! 

Injury Prevention

One of the main reasons people feel joint pain as a result of training is due to improper alignment of the body. This misalignment can be caused by repeatedly performing exercises with incorrect form. Continuing to do these exercises incorrectly, places added pressure on joints, tendons, and ligaments. This can ultimately lead to injuries like strains, sprains, tears, and even overuse injuries that cause chronic pain. Sometimes we become so excited with increasing weight and feeling stronger that we rush to pick up a weight heavier that we can handle and do more harm than good. 

So what should you do? Take a deep breath and make sure you can handle the weight you’re loading. If you can’t, go back to basics by performing the exercise with a lighter weight or even your bodyweight until you’re satisfied that your form is correct. Then, gradually increase the weight again making sure to maintain the correct mechanics as you get stronger and lift heavier loads.

Enhance Muscle Targeting

Another great thing about practicing proper form is enhanced muscle targeting. It is definitely important to recruit as many muscle fibers as you can when exercising. However, what if you’re trying to workout biceps, but you leave the gym and the only thing you got from the workout was a really sore back. Of course, soreness can sometimes be a sign of all that hard work you put in the day before. Unfortunately, in this case you were probably expecting the soreness to come from your biceps not your back.

Now I don’t want to get you confused, there are plenty of compound movements that workout both the back and biceps. For now, I am only referring to situations in which you planned to isolate your biceps that particular day to maximize your gains in that region. Improper form may have gotten in the way of your ability to target the muscle correctly which resulted in back soreness as opposed to localized soreness in the biceps region. Re-learning the exercise and practicing the movements correctly will help enhance your gains and help recruit more fibers located within the intended muscle.

Deload And Reconnect

Ever done something so much, got so used to the routine, that you don’t even remember how and why you did it in the first place. It’s completely normal to feel like this, but sometimes we get so caught up with routine we don’t notice when small changes take place. 

One of the greatest things about working out is all the progress you can make over time when you work at it. We don’t always recognize how far we’ve come, so it often helps to go back to a routine we once did and experience how much easier it feels to do something that was once difficult for us. It allows us to deload, gives our bodies a break, and let’s us connect with our newfound strength. Hopefully, this process makes us feel great, motivates, and re-energizes us to continue to achieve even more! 

Don’t let the quest for a certain look or shape ever get in the way from the altruistic nature of improving your health. Getting in control of your body is much more important.

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4 thoughts on “Three Reasons You Should Get Back To Basics In The Gym

  1. i really like the paragraph on injury prevention. This is very important for newcomers to learn. One tip I use to motivate is I set a goal that is broad such as my goal is to improve as much as I can in a year. That way there is not an impossible or improbably goal that I am shooting for. My goal is just to try as hard as I can. The goal is always progress which is always achievable.

    1. As long as you consider health/fitness as a part of your life, then it is ok to have broader goals because you’ve already made a commitment to do right by your body. Of course, you want to hold yourself accountable and not let yourself slack off, but light activity will always be better than being sedentary. I would definitely prefer to see my clients do the little they can as opposed to trying to do too much all at once and quitting​ all together. Thanks for sharing, your comment was very helpful and appreciated! 😊

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