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We* should all appreciate the changes that our bodies go through. We go through life searching for identity while the state of our bodies remain in constant flux. There is never a day in the entire calendar year where our body remains the same. There is no perfect look, shape, or weight. There is only how the way we look makes us feel. Get acquainted with what makes you APPRECIATE your VALUE the most and WORK for that every opportunity you can.

Fitness is NOT about achieving a certain look.

Fitness is about building and maintaining the discipline, ability, and technique necessary to perform our day to day tasks.

Nutrition is NOT about eating low fat foods, going vegan, or quitting sugar.

Nutrition is about nourishing our systems with foods that energize the body and enhance the mind/soul.

Health, fitness, and nutrition are concepts that describe a journey. Therefore, It is imperative that we recognize the value in a LIFESTYLE dedicated to health and fitness. Let’s not waste our time searching for reasons to chase a certain body image or pick up on the latest diet.

Most of us have already dedicated a lifestyle toward brushing our teeth and taking a bath everyday. Should we make it so difficult to take the necessary time to work on the hygiene of our internal organs? What about the strength of our skeletal muscle and bone structure? Which do you think will impact us more?

If we aren’t willing to go a month, or a week, or even a day without brushing our teeth and taking a bath we certainly shouldn’t be willing to go that same length of time without doing something productive for our health and fitness (eating healthy, exercising, stretching).

We don’t have to do it all at once and you may not need to spend as much time as you think. Just keep in mind, the value of something should determine how much time and effort you put into it. We shouldn’t just follow habits because of societal pressure (trying the new fad or diet, chasing a body image) while ignoring the elephant in the room. What’s the elephant in the room? Lifestyle change is the ONLY REAL change. If you want lasting results, feelings, and attitudes you have to be willing to change your life.

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I love you guys and I only want the best for you. I hope you don’t view the tone I use in this post as too harsh because I ensure my intention is purely to motivate and inspire. I ABSOLUTELY appreciate those of you who read all the way through and remember…

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Chris 😊

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  1. Those are all super good things to remember. I’m about to start a new 5 week healthy lifestyle challenge with a group so your post caused me to stop and really give my goals some thought. Thank you!!!

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