Can you stand the rain?


Willpower is such a crazy thing. We know that with it we can do unbelievable things. An amazing book written by Roy F. Baumeister labeled it the “Greatest Human Strength.” However, as amazing as it can be, when we use too much at one time we often find ourselves in vulnerable moments where we have almost no discipline to resist anything. This almost always, puts us in a position where we will undoubtedly, “screw up.”

img_9940What can we do to prevent that from happening so it doesn’t leave us upset and ashamed at ourselves for making a mistake?
We have to learn to work with our willpower just like we work with anyone else we are involved in a serious relationship with.

That’s right!

Your relationship with yourself is YOUR VERY FiRST serious relationship. So if you’re like most people who spend their lives looking for love or any other venture that requires tons of willpower, you can’t expect to obtain it without first understanding how to most effectively utilize that willpower. It is this reason why I behoove you to find a reasonable compromise with yourself each and every day.


“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain”

Our subconscious mind doesn’t have a mouth so consciously we have to respect that and give it a voice. For example, if you’re starting a new diet and you’re trying to eat more healthy try this. Whenever you feel that craving to have something you know you shouldn’t, don’t just ignore it. I repeat,


Now that doesn’t mean give in to temptation, it means find a way to reward yourself for your effort. That means taking the time to figure out what is really causing those cravings and doing what it takes to fulfill it while still falling in between the lines of your goals.

Those deep desires seek acceptance just like you. If you learn to respect them the same way you want people to respect you, the vast amount of achievements that await your eternal vigilance lie directly in your grasp.
Love is for everyone! You CAN stand the rain!

Be RisFit!

Chris 😊

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