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When we change to healthier habits there is a transition phase that our body goes through. In order to make room for the good that’s coming in, our systems seek to eliminate the waste left behind that disrupts our optimal functioning. Many of us call this process detoxing. If any of you are going through this phase I have one rule of advice: Don’t rush just love.

We do alot of things to our body that harms it usually because it may give us this sense of pleasure that we tell ourselves is worth it. That decision goes from an instance to a habit and all of a sudden we’ve built up this destruction to our body all for this so-called pleasure. Whether it’s alcohol, drugs, sugar, harmful foods, pollution, etc., when our body intakes toxins the only thing we should want is for our body to let it out just as quickly as it came in, if not faster. However, when this process is long overdue sometimes the experience of going through the detox gets scary. This fear reinforces the bad habit and puts us farther away from our bodies optimal condition causing disease, discomfort, and pain. 

One thing you need to ask yourself is this: Did all the bad things you intake all happen within one day, one week, or even one year? Most likely you’ve been taking in toxins your whole life whether consciously or unconsciously and rushing to get them out with a 7 day or 21 day detox may do more harm than good. Of course releasing toxins is a good idea, but developing a plan to release toxins gradually and sustainably for the entire course of your lifetime may hold a more beneficial outlook. Expecting a temporary detox to get rid of all the toxins you take in on a yearly basis is just unrealistic and can also be a potentially dangerous mindset. Making your body go through such rigorous detoxing when it already isn’t functioning at it’s optimal level can cause added stress on tired organs and hurt your chances of success.

I must say that I applaud anyone for trying to make a change to more healthy habits. I do not aim to discourage you or stop the changes I just want you to be aware of an alternate course of action and you can decide if it’s right for you. Don’t rush just love the process. 

Understand that it took your body some time to get into the unhealthy state that it’s in and it will also take some time to get back to good health again. We should be patient and thank our bodies for it’s formidability by creating a plan to make it’s job a little easier everyday. 

In short, this plan is to give it food that is easy to digest and offers the body increases in vitality. For example, try to eat more leafy greens and fruits up to the amount your body will allow and gradually add more of these foods as time goes on. Continuing to add the right foods gradually helps ensure that the space you have for the unhealthy foods becomes limited, and puts you on a path to eliminate more toxins. As time goes on just continue to make baby steps and you will realize that you are getting healthier each day and your body will thank you for it! 

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Good luck and remember,

Don’t rush just love

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