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If you had to start watching all of your favorite TV shows in black and white like the old days, would you? Of course you wouldn’t, because once you realize how beautiful and vivid a motion picture can be when represented by the vast spectrum of colors, it doesn’t make sense to go back to the dull and unimaginative.

Despite this, our diets nowadays seem to lack the imaginative vibrance of colors and nutritionally rich substance. It seems that somewhere along the line of human history, we became so dependent on experimenting that we no longer remember what has been so vital to our existence as a whole.

Recently though, there have been murmurs in online communities and farmer’s markets that spoke of a way to make us whole again. The murmurs grew and out came a loud voice that screamed something that was not only colorful but packed with sustinence. This voice heard around the world spoke the words that said “Whole Food Plant Based.”

A Whole Food Plant Based diet is one that consists of eating a variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and whole grains that undergo minimal to no processing.

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You may notice that those who maintain a WFPB diet have plates filled with color due to the variety of their food choices. It turns out, eating colorful may be the answer to a lot of issues people find with their health. Therefore, let’s talk about some of the benefits you may receive by transitioning to a WFPB diet and adding more color to your plate. Besides, don’t worry I won’t judge you if you rather go back to watching TV in black and white, well at least not in front of your face.

Skin Color

When following a WFPB diet, whats on your plate aren’t the only things that exude vibrant colors. One of the many potential benefits of the transition includes healthier looking skin that boasts a fuller color.

Fight and Reduce Risk of Disease

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables has been shown to decrease risk of chronic disease. For example, there are many people who have begun to, or have successfully reversed their diabetes by switching to a WFPB diet. Foods with color usually suggest a high presence of phytochemicals and antioxidants that help reduce the risk and presence of cancer. Having these extra sets of helpers can be vital in lasting health and reducing risk of disease.

Fat loss

Many people find it is much easier to lose weight on a WFPB diet. They report being full a lot earlier and tend not to overeat as much. This leads to the abolishment of unwanted fat, including visceral fat that tends to hide out in the stomach as a result of eating more processed foods. When adopting a WFPB diet, be careful about the use of cooking oils as they can contain a lot of calories and can disrupt your weight loss goals.

I have adopted a Whole Food Plant Based diet and don’t hesitate to talk about my many experiences after switching. It is important that you research before starting anything new so you can learn more about what you can expect so free to contact us if you want to learn more. Eat Colorful!

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