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There are common sayings such as “embrace the journey”, and “love the process” that embodies the very message I will try to share with you today. It involves your relationship with the experience of any goal, journey, or activity. This can be anything from trying out for a team, or welcoming a new family member, to transitioning to veganism. What I want you guys to realize is that the particular instance isn’t what’s MOST important, however heavy the weight that they may hold for you at face value. 

Now you may be saying to yourself “well I don’t know about that because most of those goals are pretty damn important and they are certainly difficult.” You are totally right, and I agree. Don’t get me wrong I am in no way trying to downplay or degrade the importance of anyone’s goals or adventures. However, I just want to briefly state that maybe, just maybe, more importantly than any one of those experiences is the association, relationship, or bond you have with them. These collection of emotions and thoughts you share encompass a much greater amount of significance and I want to share with you this idea.

“The first time you fall in love it changes your life forever, and no matter how hard you try, the feeling never goes away.” Nicholas Sparks

If you’ve ever watched “The Notebook” then you may recognize this powerful quote. As powerful as this quote was I’d like to modify it a little bit and suggest that “every time you fall in love it changes your life forever, and no matter how hard you try, the feeling never goes away.” 

Love is “an intense feeling of deep affection.” Love makes us do unexpected, unexplainable, and unusual things, but these things almost always grants us with an inexplicable thrill of life. The zest that creates wonders, move mountains, parts seas, and mends bridges. It is the connection of all that holds value, and the divinity in our world. Surely, I think we can agree what a wonderful asset it would be to make love your partner and to have it empower you as an individual, but are we just speaking fairy tales here or is such a feat actually possible?

To successfully learn how to complete your goals not only do you have to learn how to fall in love, but you have to fall in love constantly. 

Why is falling in love significant?

First of all, to explain the significance of falling in love I have to remind you that most of the goals we aspire to achieve tend to be things that are unexpected, unexplainable, and unusual. At least, to whomever it is that is attempting to achieve something new. If you were paying attention earlier, you may recall that unexpected, unexplainable, and unusual are the exact terms I used to describe love earlier and it was for a very good reason. In order to experience things of a specific nature you must embrace something of that nature, and as far as I am concerned there is no better substitute than love. In the realm of new, love is always standing by ready to be embraced. Why not utilize it? 

How exactly do you fall in love anyway? 

Experience, connect, solidify, and share.

The first step is to try. You have to experience something in order to find ways to welcome it into your life.

The second step is to connect or bond. Once you’ve tried something it falls on you to find things that you have experienced before that you can tie this new experience with.

The third step is to solidify. Now that you have found ties you have to make the connections strong and firm so that the strings are difficult to break and therefore, this new habit “solidifies” its place in your new life. 

Lastly, you must share this new experience with others. The act of sharing our experiences is a true expression of love. It shows the level and extent to which we care by communicating the bonds we have solidified, it ensures the continued life of a journey that has made us greater, and we also teach everyone we inspire to treat the experience with the same level of care and respect in order to reap its true benefits. 

Fall in love!

Thanks for reading!

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