How KD got Signed…

Hey guys! My name is Kristen Douma and I’m so excited you finally get to know a little about me!


I grew up as a fairly active child, I was a cheerleader for 10 years during my childhood. Unfortunately, like many other girls who quit cheerleading after finishing high school, all forms of physical activity went right out the window.

I first moved out on my own to fulfill my dream of living with my best friend. Between living away from my parents and being in a college town it quickly led to a lot of partying. I found myself going out a few nights a week and it wasn’t only for a couple drinks. This quickly affected school and I ended up having to drop all my classes before the semester was over. Then came the weight gain chubby cheeks and poor eating habits.

I had a horrible diet which consisted of a lot of junk food that involved little to no cooking. After some time I joined a gym but my poor habits trumped the work I tried putting into the gym. It wasn’t until I met Chris did my lifestyle truly change.


It was amazing to see him fearlessly go from challenge to challenge without letting success or failure determine his life. He had that same attitude with me. No matter how many times during this journey I wanted to give up, he taught me that every failure was a lesson. After a while, I began to notice I started doing things that amazed even myself, and I attracted a lot more attention at the gym. Of course, this didn’t happen overnight, but I began to realize that this might be the right path for me. I mean what girl doesn’t want attention at the gym? Haha, I’m only kidding but I mean c’mon! I have a soul that deserves to be appreciated just like everyone else.

Before I met Chris, occasionally I did like to do arts and crafts and that might be the only thing that kept me from spiraling out of control and taking things too far. Well that, and being the mother to the most beautiful girl in the world.

My gorgeous catahoula leopard by the name of Lola (Chris likes to call her Lolita, I told him I’ll allow it lol). It really captured me the way she resembles me so much, and in so many ways. She can be a fierce dog on the outside, but she’s truly my sweet loving little princess and anyone who really gets to know her is in for a real treat!

During each stage of my life, I have always had a creative side that needed an outlet.  Although, it began with arts and crafts, when I met Chris I began to notice how I could apply it to other areas in my life that I was more involved in. As a result, my creative outlet expanded tremendously and I was able to get over a lot of my bad habits. This eventually helped me get to where I am today. An alcohol-free vegan who loves to workout, do yoga, travel, and visit local farmer’s markets from time to time because I love to eat. Oh yeah…and for all the other cool stuff they have there. Although, mostly I just love to eat! 😊

Well, that pretty much covers the jist of my story. There’s much more detail that you’ll find out about me by following me on this movement. Thanks for taking the time to get to know me and I hope you follow us along on this journey!

Have courage, be kind, and all is well!

Kristen =)


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