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Baby steps…

The problem with the human condition is that we spend more time preparing and pondering setting all of our goals than we do actually completing them. Its awesome really, its exhilarating to know that we as people want to accomplish so much. The problem lies in whether after such heavy deliberation we have enough left in the tank to carry out those goals.untitled

Just imagine getting in the car to go out somewhere just to find out you don’t have enough gas to get where you’re going.  If you keep going you’ll eventually run out of gas and probably run into more trouble. You also may decline going altogether because perhaps you were running low on time and having to stop at a gas station would be too inconvenient. Either way, we don’t always prepare as perfectly as we hope. As a result, we run into unexpected issues. Issues we don’t often see coming. Unfortunately, situations like these happen and if we tallied up just how often they occurred we would probably consider a new perspective.

What new perspective should we adopt? First of all, accept that mistakes will happen. Then, instead of going crazy over each and every possibility of things going wrong, take your time and make short “baby steps” towards the right direction. The destination alone should never be more important than the collection of events within your entire journey. Reaching your destination or completing your goals should be viewed as an added bonus, as opposed to being the sole purpose.

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” The end, destination, or purpose is just a part in the whole process. Therefore, a fixation on whether you can achieve the end goal denies the value in the other parts that make up the whole process. However, these other parts should not be overlooked or downplayed.

Look at it this way, you may or may not reach your destination. However, even if you don’t there are experiences you go through along your journey that otherwise would not have took place. As someone once told me, “experience fathers learning.” If you don’t attempt to reach your goal there is nothing new to learn and that’s exactly what you’re left with. Nothing. No changes, no experiences, no new anything. Now I may not know you personally and I may not know what it is exactly that you want, but one thing is for certain, there is always SOMETHING that you want. Nothing is never an option for ANY human being.baby-steps

So since we can agree that we all want more than nothing, we must be able to see our pursuits as more like a tree that always bears fruit. As we go on there will be more and more to offer us regardless of the end result, but if we don’t continue to feed our pursuits with adequate attention we cannot grow.

We live on a stream of progression. Taking our time helps that progression run smooth and constant. This allows us to better visualize the path that lies ahead. Any goal or adventure takes time, and we can only go the speed in which we are capable. Pushing past our limits causes us to fatigue and disturbs the flow of the stream of progression. In order to prevent that disturbance I strongly suggest that you take your time because on a mission consistency is more important than speed. Growth is more important than the end.

Be RisFit!

Chris 😊

30 thoughts on “I Can’t Believe You’re Vegan Part 1 “Baby Steps” 

  1. Very well said! Those baby steps are indeed very important. I often catch myself on being hard on myself when it didn’t go exactly as planned. It’s better to take small steps each time and improve.

  2. I really enjoyed this post. Baby steps are key for me. I feel like they are for many. We tend to want to take large strides for quick progress then wonder why it fails. Great post.

    1. Yes exactly! It’s sometimes hard to hold back our excitement and live in the moment, but when we take our time we tend to have better results. Thanks for your feedback! 😊

    1. I fall victim to this as well. It’s important that we remind ourselves from time to time to focus on what’s directly in front of us as opposed to trying to squint from afar. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great article. Sometimes people can think quick action is more careless, which I have been accused of before but like you said in the beginning of the article, “we spend more time preparing and pondering “.

    1. Sure quick action can be viewed as careless when we take a bigger step than we can handle. This is understandable because it isn’t always easy to judge just how much we can handle since were constantly evolving. Although, yes we spend so much time in the inaction phase instead of taking the first steps that are within our reach. Thanks for the comment!

      1. I’m certainly trying to! Time is not my friend. My hardest obstacle is finding time for myself outside of my mommy and wife duties. If I could get that down, then I would be able to take bigger steps.

      2. Haha yeah that must be tough but its consistency that really pays off. Whether you spend an hour one day or 15 minutes the next as long as you stick with it your goals will get closer and closer!

  4. So true. I’ve always said I want to reach my dreams and imagined it all the time, but it took most of my life to finally believe it can happen. I’m so close to the finish line and all it all started with baby steps

    1. Awesome! Good luck on your journey! 😊 It’s a wonderful community and I’m glad to hear you decided to be apart of it. Wish you luck and feel free to stop by anytime with any questions or comments!

  5. Becoming vegan was one giant leap for my whole family and me. Once we peeked behind the curtain of the animals-for-food-industry (particularly eggs and dairy) the decision was made for us. I wouldn’t call it easy, but it ain’t exactly hard either!
    When people ask how we do it, my answer is, ‘Eat your veggies. And think of all the others who are no longer enslaved by my tastebud.’ That slave includes myself. Our lives were made better in one fell swoop. Cheers!

    1. That’s awesome to hear that you got your whole family to go vegan! So much easier when you have a support system! Thanks for sharing your story! Really appreciate it!

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