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Have you ever hired a personal trainer but left unhappy with your experience? What was your first impression? Was it good or bad? A lot of people have had great first impressions with a trainer, but either that impression didnt last, or they blame themselves for things not going the way they hoped. Well, if you have experienced this before or have ever considered hiring a personal trainer, I’m here to give you one simple message.

First impressions don’t matter, but relationships do.

Clients I have worked with in the past sometimes have feelings of concern about what their experience will be like at first. Some people avoid trainers because they don’t want to be judged or looked at in a negative light by someone who may have more experience in a specific area. They are worried that their inner most secrets and insecurities may be revealed. As a result, a lot of people miss out on a chance to turn a new page on their life and start changing things for the better.

This is obviously a concerning situation especially when some of these concerns are warranted. Although, I cannot speak to the nature of other trainers, I’d like to hope that the depth of the intentions of all fitness professionals are inspiring, motivating, and encouraging their clients in the healthiest way. Also, adhering to their mental, emotional, and physical needs, and helping them to achieve their personal goals in the best way that they can.

With that being said, I want to stress the importance that first impressions don’t matter. When you come to us with an issue or to help you achieve a goal, it is OUR responsibility to respect your level of fitness. You don’t have to impress us by overstating your ability or not being honest to the best of your knowledge about the load you can handle. It’s important that we have a good assessment of your level so we can better serve you. Any trainer that makes you feel as if you are somehow not worthy or valuable enough to be their client is simply mistaken.

Clients should also focus on their own individual progress rather than trying to meet the expectations of a trainer. Some people find themselves chasing results so that their trainer can brag about the effectiveness of his/her program. Meanwhile, they end up abused and mistreated due to the ridiculous standards placed on themselves that is frequently difficult to maintain with their level of experience. Remember, our purpose is to help you incorporate a better lifestyle and create a positive outlook on exercise. We want the experiences that allow us to achieve that. Chasing goals solely for the promotional benefit of your trainer does not fall in between those lines.

When working with a trainer it helps to have a little background knowledge on what to expect. It doesn’t benefit you to work with a trainer who doesn’t have your best interests in mind. First impressions don’t matter, but developing a relationship will help both trainer and client manage expectations and diminishes the likeliness of unwanted experiences. Do yourself a favor and do your best to get to know and form a relationship with your trainer before you decide if they are the correct choice.

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    1. We could definitely use some more “ethical” ones. It hurts to know that people aren’t getting the experience they should. However, I’m glad I can do what I can from this end. Thanks for sharing!

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