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If you’ve ever tried getting personal training at a conventional gym you would’ve quickly found out that it costs somewhere around $80-$100 per session. Most people opt to train 2-3 times a week which means they end up paying $640-$800 a month. For a lot of people that is too much, but maintaining an active lifestyle is important isn’t it?

Fortunately, this new era offers us another solution called Online Coaching or Online Fitness Training. By opting for Online Training, you get a great value for a fraction of the cost!

With Online Fitness Training you recieve 24/7 access to an expert whose focus is on motivating and helping you achieve the best results for your efforts. You also have the freedom to workout whenever you want and wherever you want! How awesome is that?!

RisFit LLC is proud to be offering online fitness training packages!

We have partnered up with to deliver you a high quality service at a cost lower than the competition.

Earn the benefits of being able to track your workouts, record your personal bests, and more.

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13 thoughts on “Online Fitness Training

  1. I was trying to like some of your post and it wouldn’t load the like button, so it could be my computer or maybe the site is being weird, either way good post 🙂 I have read this one and the other two before this one!


  2. Online coaching is great for someone who has some experience however if you are just starting there is a high chance of injury unless the online training comes with instructional videos of every exercise incorporated into training programs.

    1. So anytime you exercise there is a chance of injury. Our service does actually come with instructional videos to add additional support. A lot of beginners may start out on their own with no assistance. It would be more beneficial to have an expert to guide them than no one at all. Therefore, this service is open to the public and I make recommendations on how to proceed based on the screenings we do with each client. Ultimately, how the client chooses to proceed is completely their decision. Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts, I appreciate you taking the time to do so.

      1. Thank you! Every day is a chance to learn something new and I’m just trying to provide as much people as I can with the knowledge I gain. Really appreciate the feedback and thanks again!

  3. Basically, it’s a better idea to have a online personal trainer who you can contact all the time. Actually, it depends on the country where you live. In my country, you can pay some local guys monthly and they are 24/7 answering. That includes personal sessions in the gym where they show you what to do, what to do and where you are going wrong.

    1. There are benefits to both, it really just depends on what your priorities are. I love to be able to work with people in-person as well as keep them accountable online. It offers a great chance to have a lasting impact while still being able to manage time so that I can affect positive change to a larger group of people.

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