Be open to pain because it may be a gateway to strength. Strength is earned not given, but in order to receive strength you must stop seeing pain as your enemy. Pain is neither a reason to avoid attempting something nor quit something you’ve started. Pain is often the beginning stages toward new awareness and similarly new strength.  After all, “pain is weakness leaving the body.”

Let me just say that this is in no way promoting sadism or masochism. This is merely a perspective meant to express that if our goals or ideals lead us positively and beneficially, then regardless if pain lies somewhere between those ideals, we must appreciate the presence of pain in order to be truly receptive of strength.

Every up has its down and every down has its up. We tend to consider pleasure as an up and a pain as a down. However, each experience whether consisting of pain or pleasure is meant to teach us important lessons. Through those lessons we earn knowledge and understanding. When the knowledge we gain compile, we reach new levels of peace that allows us to tackle our goals with much more strength and confidence.

Pain is just an alternate starting point to greater strength and awareness. One that is inevitable and very hard to avoid. Instead of letting fear steer you away from impactful experiences that begin painful, appreciate the alternative and embrace the new strength and peace that comes with a universal process intended to release the things that no longer serve you. Greater strength equals a greater capacity for happiness and that is why it is a fundamental principal of RisFit.

Build energy that won’t quit!
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