The Things That Make You Tick

What motivates you?

What gives you that desire to get up in the morning?

Why do you want to be the absolute best at what you do?


These questions are questions I am often asked by people. These also happen to be the questions I ask myself almost every day. Except…

When I ask them I am not necessarily looking for an answer. When I ask these questions I am attempting to  accomplish something different.

I am challenging myself to VISUALIZE the instruments that empower my will. I am capturing a vivid image in my mind of all which motivate me. Then, I am holding onto those images tightly as if they are the very essence of my well-being. Whether it is friends, family, talents, purpose, life, excellence, etc. With this practice I am training my self to REALIZE my MOTIVATION. It is by virtue of this process that I am continually able to arise from my slumber with ample energy and enthusiasm to conquer the demands of the day.

IMG_20170311_153924_286This process does not only work for me. It CAN and WILL work for you as long as you put faith in it. Try it out! Every morning you wake up ask yourself what motivates you. VISUALIZE it and then REALIZE it. That’s it! Every action you do will now strengthen the relationship you have with the things that motivate you. Make positive actions with that motivation and you’ll create positive momentum!

You are worthy of receiving all the energy required to seize the day! Build that energy that won’t quit!

Be RisFit!

Chris 😊

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