Three Steps Towards a Great Workout 

How often do you get in the gym and don’t know what to workout? What about afterwards? Have you ever left feeling like you didn’t do anything? Maybe on the contrary, did you do too much and regret it the next day?

No matter the level of fitness you’re on we have all felt this way at least a couple times in our lives. A lot of people still wonder whether there is any relief to these predicaments. Fortunately, experienced trainers will probably tell you there are a number of things you can do to reduce the likeliness of these occurrences. In fact, they’ll even go as far as helping you reduce the negative impact of the experience.

As a result, I’m here to share with you 3 important steps to having a great workout.

Make A Plan

  1. Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals – Try to make your goals specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time manageable. (More in-depth post on this coming soon) Setting the right goals will make sure you are ready to achieve them and that you have the knowledge and accountability in place to maintain them.
  2. Outline your workouts – It is very helpful to schedule your workouts so that you track every muscle group you train and how often you train it. You should workout every major muscle group at least once so plan accordingly. You want to include enough days to work on that while giving yourself adequate time to rest.

Warm-up, Workout, Cool Down

  1. Warm-up by doing some dynamic stretching, walking, or warm-up exercises in order to wake up the nervous system and prepare the body for activity.
  2. Execute your workouts with proper form and try to engage all muscles involved in the workout.
  3. Take the time to stretch afterwards to reduce recovery time and soreness.


  1. Make sure to rest adequately after working out. Get accustomed to scheduling rest days. Listen to your body and take a break when you aren’t outputting the same range of energy your used to. Stretch after every workout and before you go to bed. You will feel less sore and a lot better the next day.

      Now you have it! Three steps towards a great workout! Have fun out there and take care of your body! Check out our online training for added support!

      Thanks for reading!

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      1. Love this Chris! This is absolutely an issue I come in contact with when speaking to many people! I wanted to make you aware, I believe something glitched during your “recover” section and number one repeats a few times with nothing to follow. Otherwise great read, I believe a lot of people will find this helpful ☺️

        1. Thank you! Appreciate you stopping by… I don’t see the problem you are speaking about but I will double check again. However, thanks for letting me know.

      2. This is something that usually we require to be told or reminded of before we actually do it, even though in hindsight, it’s common sense. Great post 🙂 I’ll definitely be taking note of my future gym sessions.

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