Does cardio have you trying too hard to lose weight?

Everybody wants to lose weight but does everyone necessarily need to lose weight? Maybe not…In fact at a certain point it really comes down to personal preference.

Body Composition

A lot of people work out consistently, and eventhough they may not appear to have much muscle the amount they can lift in the gym may surprise you. There is a secret that some fitness professionals understand but many people aren’t aware of. Body composition. The true value in strength training isn’t it being able to show off chiseled aesthetics. I admit there is a confidence value for some in earning and maintaining your own individual set of abs. However, despite what you may believe not everyone is really interested in that. More importantly, strength training helps to improve body composition and increase bone density. Everyone needs fat, but the question is when does the visceral fat in your stomach, or the extra weight that your muscles can no longer endure, become detrimental to your health?

What is Body Composition?

Body Composition refers to the ratio of fat tissue and fat-free tissue within the body. It takes into consideration bone, muscle, water, and fat. The relationship we may influence the most through training is the ratio between fat tissue and muscle tissue. What is really important to understand here is this: Individuals with larger proportions of muscle tissue tend to look leaner than someone with a larger proportion of fat tissue even if they weigh the same. Muscle tissue just takes up less room than fat tissue. In other words, if you want to look leaner you should add some muscle to your frame and decrease your body fat. Experimenting with the ratio of muscle tissue to fat tissue may provide you with the look you want. Although, you want to make sure to supply a healthy amount of nutrients as your mood and health may be affected by inappropriate or unnatural changes to your nutrition.

Manipulating your body composition may be how some women achieve a curvy look and gain weight, but remain slim in the right places. Also, how men can be lean and show off an exquisite musculature form or add a surplus of calories, bulk up, and flaunt massive arms and chests. For the most part we are limited by our bone structure, but there are still many changes we can make in pursuit of a particular look.
If you haven’t already achieved the body you want it is possible the answer lies in altering your body composition and not in simply losing weight.

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