Have You Ever Been on the VIP List? Here’s Your Chance…

Attention loyal WordPress members, Community Pool, and fans of other platforms. As a result, of all your continued support RisFit wants to offer you a very special exclusive.

Last week marked one full year that I have been blogging on WordPress.

I cannot believe that time has gone so quickly. In this time RisFit has managed to gain over 17,000 followers throughout our social media platforms.

I am both ecstatic and humbled to know that so many people spent the time to check out our content and show us so much love over the past year.

Throughout this journey we have certainly learned a lot and we are so excited to see what is in store for us in the future!

Up to this point we have been working on something special that we’ve been dying to share. Hours and hours of time have gone into compiling as much knowledge and experience as we could fit in order to make this dream a reality. It has all led to this moment…

Without wasting any more time I would like to introduce you all to:

The RisFit Training Guide!

The RisFit Training Guide features over 140 different exercises and 30+ recipes. It is a full body workout program that includes everything from Resistance Training and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to Yoga and Stability Training. It was created not only to give you the confidence to achieve your goals, but to help you learn and focus more on only what is best for YOU.

You matter so much to us and we would not have been so inspired to create this if it wasn’t for your love and support throughout this year.

Therefore, before we officially launch the guide for sale on May 1st, we are opening up pre-orders to the first 50 people who place an order.

The full guide will go on sale for $80 on May 1st. However, we are selecting 100 people to receive an exclusive coupon code that will allow them to pre-order the guide for only $8!!!

That’s 90% off Regular Price!!!

If that isn’t enough the first 100 people will also receive early access to the guide before the launch!

Still not sold?

Well out of that 100 who sign up first, 5 of you will receive the guide absolutely free!

Interested yet?

All you have to do is SUBSCRIBE to our newsletter and if you are one of the first 100 we will email you the coupon code so you can pre-order immediately!

We know you’re going to LOVE this guide and we can’t wait to share it with you. Thanks again for your continued support and we wish you strength and guidance!
Thanks for reading!

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Be RisFit!


Chris 😊

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