What is health?

Health is more than eating right. It is more than the new fad or diet of the season. More than going to the gym several times a week. Even more than escaping disease.

Health is a journey. It is the embodiment of the level of appreciation that we have for ourselves. A representation of the love we have for our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.


Interestingly enough, despite the rugged path we sometimes choose to put our bodies through, and no matter how difficult it gets at times, it seems to always keep an open line for us to pursue a better future.

This idea, along with others, have become so profound in my life that I made the decision to express my appreciation for my body’s endless perseverance. I achieve this by continually staying up to date with topics within the field, and taking advantage of more and more opportunities to improve my health whenever and wherever they come.

9ac449f4a4f9a99d7847d76345efd334However, along this journey many times throughout our lives we will encounter challenges that throw us out of balance and challenge the state of our health. Utilizing the willpower granted to us to do what it takes to restore that balance is the expression of health. Try doing this consistently and you may dawn on the spectacular feat most commonly known as being healthy.

Health is many things, and its up to us to continue to utilize our resources to remain in good health long enough to reap the benefits and to learn more about what it takes to be healthy. If it is truly an open path to a better future, what that means for you is that the best is yet to come. So everyday YOU follow the path of good health YOU are opening ways to accept the unconditional love that the YOUniverse has to give. BE Healthy.

BE RisFit.

Chris 🙂

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