You CAN Save the Environment

How important is your environment to you? screenshot_2017-02-27-16-55-13-1

For me, there is something so exhilarating that comes from this unique, aesthetically gifted, experience of being a vital component of nature. Think for one second about the fact that you are a human being…

What does that even mean?!

You have a mind, body, and soul. Every waking breath is a breath of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. You are literally a living entity of history that not only belongs in this era, but you also exist to explore its magnificent wonders! No matter where you go and no matter how many times you try to ignore it, there are people who care about you and an environment that needs to be cared for. However, before you can truly care for something you have to learn and understand it.

Environmental education can be characterized in many ways. According to a well-known advocate for the environment, politician David Orr, “all education is environmental education”. Whenever we learn something we are essentially learning about the different “universal habits” that occur within our environment.


So what happens when we learn about ourselves?!

Well, I’m sure many would agree that most people actually struggle to find something good to say about themselves on a daily basis. If you ask me, every one of those bad things we think of is merely an illusion we cast on ourselves to distract us from our Resilient Innovative Spirit. In reference to one of my favorite quotes by, Marianne Williamson, “our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” The denial of this magnificent reality is directly represented by the chaos of the world and the dire state of the environment.

If we are ignorant to our own core values, the same ones that make us great, and do not master ourselves how can we expect to sustain nature? If we cannot see the good in ourselves then our vision for the world will remain distorted. As a result, spending time trying to shape the world as we see fit can only lead to a future that always causes us to fall short. How can we insist on attempting to change the world when we give up the time we should be spending mastering ourselves, upholding values, and being responsible? One cannot exist without the other because we are a part of each other.

So what can we do?! First of all, lets start establishing relationships with ourselves. All the worlds ills will remain as long as we lack peace and understanding within ourselves. There is no shortcut to that and no way to achieve this without getting to know yourself. Only then may we begin to see nature in its purest light. You CAN save the environment, but it begins with saving yourself!

Be RisFit!

Chris 🙂


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